Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Russ Whitney’s remarkable work- The inner voice

Russ Whitney is a renowned real estate advisor,entrepreneur and self made millionaire, but inner voice made him as a bestselling author. The amazing masterpiece book penned by him is certain to equip any common business man with the CEO mastery skills that are required to scale his business level and manage a consistent profit growth. The information treasured in the book helps all entrepreneurs, starting from small scale to high end business men, to reach a remarkable level of financial independence,without many risks.

Inner voice- an aid to personal and spiritual development:

In 2008, Russ Whitney has undergone a research to find out the answer for a cliché question, what’s the true meaning of life? As a result he came up with a magical book, inner voice that unlocks your purpose and passion. Apart from financial advices, he shares his own experiences, explains the facts that could lend instant happiness and the importance of living at the moment without day dreaming, and the need to do research with the immutable laws of powerlessness.

A perfect life changing tool:

Russ Whitney’s inner voice is also employed with discovery charts, two- way conscious contacts and character asset check lists for self assessing oneself about his personal character and ethical qualities.Applying the strategic principles of inner voice in daily life, enables anyone get rid of frustration, anxiety, fear, doubt and guilt. The indispensible book puts you on the track of success, thus, with the knowledge gained from this information treasure, it is possible for anyone to lead a colorful and contented life.

Why he wrote inner voice:

Russ Whitney wants everyone to understand the invaluable fact that making money alone should not be the motive of one’s life;there are a lot of things in the world that creates immense pleasure than money. So, he designed inner voice that insists the above fact more appropriately.