Thursday, 19 March 2015

Russ Whitney-New Housing Market Trend in 2015

Single family housing production is poised to surge in 2015, as the economy picks up and a rise in home formations mixed with low mortgage rates let loose pent-up insist in the sector, according to economists talking during the National Association of Home Builders 2014 Fall building estimate Webinar.

The single family sector is likely to end out the year stronger than the start of 2014, which will set the stage for a much more 2015.This is mostly due to important pent-up demand and steady job and economic growth that will let trade-up buyers who have late home purchases due to job insecurity to enter the market.

NAHB is forecasting 991,000 whole housing starts in 2014, up 6.6 % from 930,000 units in 2013. Single family starts are expected to rise 2.5 % this year and swell an additional 26 % next year to 802,000. Single-family production is expected to reach the 1.1 million mark in 2016.

The multi family market is also expected to strong with a continued growth in renters. The multi family sector is expected to rise 15 % in 2014 to 356,000 units, and hold mostly steady into next year.At present, we are creating about 225,000 jobs per month, or 2.75 million per year. That is double the pace needed to reduce being without a job and under employment, which augers very well for housing demand and the housing market more broadly.

The end of 2017, it is predicted that mortgage rates is said to rise from current averages of about 4 % to about 6 %. The housing market will be well because of better employment, senior wages and solid financial growth, which will trump the effect of higher mortgage rates.

Thus economic situation are dictating the strength of local housing markets, for forecasting and analysis. It is very clear that those states with higher levels of payroll employment are associated with healthier housing markets.

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