Thursday, 24 September 2015

Secrets Of Finding A Good Mentor by Russ Whitney

When you create relationships with intelligent, credible and inspirational people, the potential for personal and professional success grows exponentially.Having a good mentor can be a great experience depending on what the situation demands.

Finding a mentor may seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not that difficult as the process and outcome can be quite rewarding.Here are some tips to help get you started on your quest of finding a great mentor and establishing a lasting relationship:

1. Set Your Goals And Expectations-

You need to understand your goals. A mentor provides tactical and strategic input.The more you understand your needs, the better your odds are of identifying the right person.

2. Identify Mentors Within Your Network-

Focus on people you truly respect and who resonate with you. It’s not important that you know the person well, but it does help to have some familiarity. Don’t rule out a mentor from a different industry or generation.

3. Be Informal And Flexible-

Most entrepreneurs like to avoid additional "official" expectations on their time with most scarce resource. Don’t be fearful of reaching out but being respectful of time is important to keep in mind.

4. Proper Communication-

Set up a loose structure for meetings and other communication, with the understanding that it may change as the relationship grows. Most committed mentors are those that naturally become part of world as it's powerful to constantly be open to adding new people as informal advisors.

5. Meet Consistently-

Make it easy for each other and meet at convenient locations. Keep it short and always send a follow up note of thanks.Let them know how their advice is making an impact.By telling them about what makes your  work special, you are offering valuable perspective.

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