Thursday, 22 October 2015

Russ Whitney and his books

Despite of having miserable childhood, Russ Whitney managed to become a successful real estate business man, self made millionaire, financial mentor and bestselling author. His surge to educate people about the success strategies of real estate investment made him to write several books. His famous books include Building wealth, Hurdles and pitfalls of real estate investing, Millionaire real estate mentor, the Millionaire real estate mindset, One in a million 90 day challenge, and Inner voice.

Millionaire real estate mentor:
The book reveals the key components to achieve success in real estate investment. It sharpens reader’s entrepreneurial skills and provides advice that can leverage into profitable real estate investments,regardless of the capital. Through this book, readers are well informed about the laws and rules for real estate business, protection of assets from litigation and basic financial ethics. Apart from advice, Russ Whitney’s millionaire real estate book is also employed with valuable lists of private and public resources for serious real estate investors and plenty of sample documents that help to start the real estate business instantly.

The millionaire real estate mindset:

Russ Whitney’s “The millionaire real estate mindset” helps readers to get rid from the feeling of insecurity about real estate investing. The book deals with the psychological aspects of investing and motivates the readers to start real estate business with certainty and self assurance. He insists the readers to break the poverty mentality and join real estate market. The book is capable of generating hope, focus and dedication towards real estate business. The specific investing strategies explained in this book, allow the reader to take advantage of real estate business that’s exploding with opportunity.

Building wealth:

Building wealth is an invaluable business guide that helps the readers to gain knowledge in complicated business issues such as real estate development, investing in raw land, moving from residential to commercial properties, investing real estate revenues in stock market, using internet and other technologies to maximize the profits etc. It is an excellent source for learning money making opportunities in real estate field.

Inner voice:

The latest venture of Russ Whitney is “Inner voice” that helps the readers to discover the true meaning of life and develop the personal, spiritual qualities. Through this book, he unlocks the reader’s passion and purpose of being. He clearly explains the technique of achieving remarkable financial independence and prosperity without any risk.

Overcoming the hurdles and pitfalls of real estate investing:

The book delivers an action plan for successful real estate investment and gives incredible tips for preventing the hurdles associated with the real estate business. The concepts in the book are simple to understand, since Russ Whitney used practical common sense approach to explain his views.

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